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The Bachelor Recap Episode 6

The overlapping question this week, is will any girls survive until next week?

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We continue back with Taylor not going down without a fight. After her voodoo ritual, she returns to "re-interrupt" Corrine one last time.

Are they ever allowed to say no when someone wants to steal someone away for a talk? Corrine handles the situation in the same manner anyone would...nervously keeps drinking until her date comes back.

Too bad for Taylor, nothing she says changed Nick's mind. He still wants to bang Corrine. Sucks to suck.

Leading up to the rose ceremony, there's a montage of every girl talking about how important their time at the cocktail party will be. They need to talk with Nick and share how their feelings are growing deeper. ABC responds but canceling the cocktail party. Savage ABC.

The first departures of the night start. We lose Josephine and Jaimi, which was long overdue. But we also lose dolphin girl herself, Alexis. A moment of silence for the tragic loss.

Next stop, St. Thomas! Nick wastes no time and jumps right into the first one on one date with Kristina. The only date where nobody gets sent packing of the night, probably because there's still a possibility Kristina is associated with the mob.

Back at the hotel, we meet the maid brought in specifically for Corrine. We get it ABC, Corrine is a 24-year-old with a nanny back at home.

The group date which should be a fun day of drinking on the beach and playing games, quickly turns into a pity fest where the girls are sick of competing for Nick's attention. What show did they think they signed up for?

Corrine did it right, keep pounding the shots then just take a nap while the rest of the girls go drunk cry in their respective corners.

Nick hopes to turn the date around that All of the girls are still drunk from earlier and continue complaining to Nick.

Jasmine the entire night:

When she finally gets her time with Nick, she goes into detail on how she wants to choke him... Here's a tip girl, don't tell a guy you want to straddle him and choke him unless you already know he's into it.

And with that, the first unexpected departure tonight. Bye Jasmine, hope you find your BDSM partner.

Nick's date's continue to get worse. On the two on one date, he sends Whitney home almost immediately after stepping foot on the beach.

Whitney tries to talk him out of sending her home. Girl, if he says he doesn't want you, why are you trying to convince him to keep you? Pick up your pride and leave.

Danielle L. thinks she's in the clear and starts professing how she's falling in love with Nick. And goes on and on and on..... while Nick is clearly not on the same page as her.

He tells her to pack her bags and she heads home next. Is Nick into any of these girls?

Nick proceeds to go to the girls hotel room, cry, mention he may or may not be coming back and leaves.

Will any girls make it to next week? Will Nick even make it to next week?

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