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21 Times The Real Housewives Said What You Were Thinking

How many times a day do you wish you could say exactly what's on your mind, but end up fake smiling? People should be rewarded for being honest and on Mar. 23 you and Bravo are doing just that with the first ever The Real Housewives Awards! Vote for your favorite brutally honest moments here!

1. When someone asks you if you want to go on a juice cleanse with them.

2. When a "friend" asks you to help them move.

3. When your bae wants to go to dinner on a Monday.

4. When your boyfriend/girlfriend comes over and has just been cuddling for way too long.

5. When someone asks you if there is anything they can do to make you feel better.

6. When someone asks you what the one thing you would bring to a deserted island would be.

7. When you go to a party and there's only beer.

8. When someone tells you they didn't like Lost.

9. When someone asks you what you look for in a man.

10. When someone asks you why you never want to do "outdoorsy" stuff.

11. When the birthday girl makes a big deal about who to invite to her birthday lunch.

12. When someone tells you they don't cry throughout Love Actually.

13. When your ex gets with someone who's a total downgrade.

14. When your girlfriend tells you about how she's getting back with her ex for the third time.

15. When you get to your bagel place, and they're out of everything bagels.

16. When your friend gushes over the guy she met at the bar on Saturday.

17. When your co-worker asks you how you got through the morning meeting.

18. When your crush is trying to flirt subtly via text.

19. When your ex interacts with you on social media.

20. When your doctor asks you how many drinks you have a week.

21. And basically anytime someone asks you to do something you don't want to.

Relive all the unfiltered moments and vote for your favorites in the first-ever The Real Housewives Awards. Tune in Mar. 23 on Bravo to see if your choices win!

GIFs courtesy of Bravo!