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    It's 2019 And Twitter Is Done With Overused Movie Tropes

    This is for the Editorial Fellowship.

    Hello, I'm 2019's first meme and I'm here to call out the world's most overused film tropes.

    As 2018 came to an end, many wondered what the new year would bring. Only hours into January 1st, the year's first meme was born when Twitter user @_roryturnbull tweeted a dig at the portrayal of professors in movies.

    Hello, I'm a professor in a movie, I only reach the main point of my lecture right as class is ending. Then I yell at students about the reading / homework as they leave.

    Soon after, all kinds of other stereotyped characters stood up to let the world know that they, too, have a very specific role in film.

    Hello, I'm a literary agent in a movie. No one seems to understand that my job is different from being a book editor. I seem to have a client list consisting of one author, whom I visit a lot and also take to lunch/dinner on a weekly basis. I wear a ton of statement jewelry.

    There were lots of lawyers...

    Hello, I'm a lawyer in a movie. Every case is a lengthy jury trial where I'm totally outmatched & losing the entire time. Then, at the final possible moment I have a stroke of genius that no one ever thought of & win the case hands down.

    Hello, I'm a lawyer in a movie. Every case is a lengthy jury trial where I'm totally outmatched & losing the entire time. Then, at the final possible moment I have a stroke of genius that no one ever thought of & win the case hands down.

    Hello, I’m also a lawyer in a movie. I have ONE CLIENT. I’m friends with a psychiatrist in a movie, who has ONE PATIENT.

    Hello, I’m a lawyer in a movie. I strut around a courtroom shouting “objection!” throughout trials with no coherent order or rules of evidence, until a giant deus ex machina wins the case. Also my regulatory body does not prohibit romantic liaisons with my opponent/client/judge.

    plenty of writers...

    Hello, I'm a writer in a movie. I bring a print-out of my long-ass novel to my editor's office & wait while my editor reads the whole thing right in front of me, loves it, & offers me an advance, which I accept. Apparently, my editor pushed my agent out a window right before this

    Hello, I'm a writer in a movie, I need to suffer to make art which you'll never understand. I'm going to quote weirdly obscure dead people and mock popular authors to prove I'm better than the little people.

    Hello, I'm a writer in a movie. I write one piece a week and live in a two bedroom New York apartment with a walk-in wardrobe. Also I never actually pitch anywhere, the jobs just come to me.

    Hello, I'm a novelist in a movie. I'm wearing an ironed shirt and my agent is taking me to lunch so we can talk about my personal problems. Later, I'll throw a manuscript in a fire place. A printed-out one, not my whole hard drive or anything. I actually *have* a fireplace.

    and so much shade.

    Hello, I'm an Asian woman in a movie and I'm Scarlett Johansson.

    Hello, I'm an unattractive girl in a movie. BUT WAIT! Let me take off my glasses...

    Hello, I'm a Muslim in a movie. I'm one dimensional & speak w/an Arab accent, even though I'm not Arab. Everyone suspects me of terrorism & treats me like trash but in the end I'm innocent & people learn a valuable lesson on inclusion.

    Hello, I'm a 45 year old woman in a movie. I don't exist.

    Hello, I'm an African in a movie. Where I'm actually from doesn't matter, because "African" is enough. I speak with a stock accent I've never heard another African use before. I am poor & driven by hope, but first I must share random cultural practices unrelated to the storyline.

    Hello, I’m a fat girl in a movie. I exist to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. I’m either relentlessly sunny or totally unlikeable. I’m allowed to be funny, but no one can ever be attracted to me unless they are pathetic or scorned for it. I dress badly & can’t groom myself.

    Hello, I'm a bisexual woman in a movie. I'm evil, sexy, slutty, and hit on everything that moves. I prey on vulnerable young women, seduce upstanding guys with my wiles, and cheat on all my partners. You'll know I'm bi bc I'll mention or show it roughly every 2 second.

    Hello, I'm a Muslim woman in a movie. I'm there silently, joyless & long suffering, dressed in an ethnic grabbag of various Muslim clothing, to weep and gnash my teeth as my Muslim husband or son is accused of terrorism. I have kohl rimmed eyes but lack lip gloss and a career.

    Hello, I’m a Black woman in a movie. I’m sassy, strong and intimidating and/or smart but largely silent. My language choices are off because a white boy wrote the script. I don’t get to have sex or love but I may have some kids by a man you’ll never see.

    Long live 2019, the year of the fictional lawyer/writer/bartender/token friend revolt.