5 Things Dads Do Not Understand

From technology to fashion there are some things a Dad will always be confused by.

1. 1. Emails are different to letters.

You do not need to write an email in the same format as a formal letter

2. 2. Why you paint one fingernail a different color to the rest.

Ok, fair enough, no-one really knows where this started.

3. 3. The Scouse Brow…

Eyebrow filling may have been made famous by the show Desperate Scouse Wives, but it must be ok if the royals are doing it!

4. 4. An “iphone” is just called a phone.

Telling people they can reach you on your “iphone” sounds like you’re bragging. It may have more gadgets than your old Nokia, but it’s just a phone!

5. 5. Why we could possibly shop somewhere so dark and loud as Abercrombie and Fitch.

The fact that you’re assisted by gorgeous topless men is what makes it worthwhile. We don’t expect you to understand.

No matter how old we get you’ll always think of us as your little girl. And we’ll always secretly love that. Thanks Dad.

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