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    42 Mind-Boggling Images That Will Melt Your Brain

    The internet is a vast and sometimes weird place. Every once and a while we'll come across those images that leave us dumbfounded. Here are 42 of the best.

    1. The Perfect Game of Snake

    2. What a Marble Looks Like In Front of a Map

    3. Blink Fast

    4. How Your Keys Work

    5. This Will Make You Feel Small

    6. This is All One Picture

    7. The Hidden Secrets in Breaking Bad

    8. A Plane Through Colored Fog

    9. Sand Under a Microscope

    10. The World We Live In

    11. After 85 of These Most People Die

    12. The First Tornado Ever Photographed

    13. Mirrors in a Box

    14. Alka-Seltzer in Zero Gravity

    15. This is a Photo of Every Being to Ever Live and Die. Minus One.

    16. The Perfect Loop

    17. You Can Become a Tree When You Die

    18. Perspective.

    19. Cells vs. The Universe

    20. A Frozen Soap Bubble

    21. A Camera Perfectly Focused on Fireworks

    22. The Monk Who Prayed for 12 Years in the Same Spot

    23. Scroll Up and Down

    24. Disney Easter Eggs

    25. No/Yes

    26. Small Things Add Up

    27. All of this Happens in a Fraction of a Second

    28. The Full Body of the East Island Moai

    29. An Astronaut's View of an Erupting Volcano

    30. The Knight Can Move to Every Square in Chess

    31. Creative Shades

    32. Circles Creating Waves

    33. They're Not Changing Directions

    34. They're All the Same Dog

    35. A Camera Bulb Flashing

    36. Robert Gill of the Arizona Cardinals Running 25 MPH on a Treadmill

    37. This is a Miniature

    38. Drag Car in Slow Motion

    39. Tape Makes Frosted Glass Clear

    40. Magnetic Thinking Putty Eats a Metal Cube

    41. Out of Focus Fire Works

    42. Red Hot Ball of Metal Placed on Ice