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37 Essential Life Hacks Every Human Should Know

Life hacks are all about making life easier. From people stealing your pens to getting out that last bit of Nutella, there's a life hack for everything.

1. Keep pen thieves at bay with trickery.

2. Having trouble telling if the coffee is fresh? Two cups are all you need.

3. Use bobby pins to get every last bit of toothpaste out.

4. Remember for all presentations.

5. Know how to make at least one fancy drink. / Via

The rest of the recipes for fancy drinks can be found here. Know at least one drink recipe to impress guests or dates. Same goes with food.

Click above for the recipes you should know.

6. Know how to tell if your eggs are fresh.

7. Curse without being corrected.

8. Visa gift cards work for free trials.

9. Increase the efficiency of your sandwich.

10. Clear nail polish will keep your buttons from falling off.

11. Use Post-it notes to clean crap out of your keyboard.

12. Small kitchen? Cutting boards and drawers work wonders.

13. 13. Use the spring from an old pen to save your charger.

14. Turn a half-filled Nalgene bottle on its side in the freezer for ice water.

15. Can openers work great for these monstrosities.

16. Butter too hard to cut or frozen? Grate that ish.

17. Vodka + food coloring = an awesome spring break on a cruise.

18. A wet paper towel in the freezer will cool down a beer in two minutes.

19. Bread clips could salvage broken flip-flops.

20. If you're going to the beach, empty out a lotion bottle.

Chances are no one will steal this from you and you can keep your stuff there while you're in the water.

21. If you're traveling, hide emergency money in a Chapstick tube.

22. Save your fingernails by using stapler removers for key chains.

23. Use dryer sheets to remove deodorant stains.

24. Know how to tie a tie.

Here are more articles on how to tie a tie and what knot to use on what occasions.

25. Never waste the Nutella.

26. Know how to properly reheat your food.

27. If you plan on drinking in public, don't get caught.

28. Bacon. Freaking. Pancakes.

In case you ever need to impress anyone with a morning breakfast.

29. Forks and Oreos make happy fingers.

The same can be applied to Cheetos and chopsticks.

30. No flathead screwdriver? No problem.

31. Know how to reheat your pizza.

32. And customize your ramen.

33. Keep your chips fresh.

34. ...And your pasta fresh.

35. ...And your dorm room fresh.

36. The correct way to make a BLT.

37. Boil eggs with ease.