35 Insanely Cringey Ways To Make The Entire Internet Hate You

Cringe: “A term used for flirting over public text that induces vomit to others.” Social media is a vast and open world, however, there are some people that should never be allowed to post in it. We’ve all had people on our Facebook from high school that we keep around just to cringe at their drama filled lives. Well, these are the worst of the worst and prime examples of what NOT to do on the internet.


Yes, he is planet. You can also find more of him here.

2. 2. Share Your Love and Intentions to Marry with Tattoos

She said no by the way …

3. 3. Share Your Love and Intentions to do Drugs … with Tattoos

There’s no shame in loving the meth … but at least know impacts your life. … It’s not as cool as it seems on Breaking Bad

4. 4. Sing to Your Girlfriend on Youtube After Only 7 Months

5. 5. Post Pictures of Yourself Crying

6. 6. Proclaim You’re a Girl and Nerdy …

To be honest, I felt bad for the guy.

7. 7. Act Like Something Nerdy You Do is “EPIC”

8. 8. Hit on your Daughter via Facebook

9. 10. Post Borderline “Rapey” Pictures After Your First Date

10. 11. Misuse the Word “Trolling” …

11. 12. Be This Guy

12. 13. Try to Use Photoshop When You Can’t

13. 14. Tattoo Internet Memes on Your Body

14. 15. Share your Cringey Dreams for All to See

15. 16. Fake a Girlfriend … from a Porn Site

Let’s be honest … he was just asking to get caught.

16. 17. Horrifically Attempt to Recreate Music Videos

17. 18. Be a Douchebag for No Reason

18. 19. Having a Fake Girlfriend … and it be a Bad Photoshop

19. 20. Take the Vampire Craze Too Far … On a Dating Site

20. 21. Do Magic with Fedoras

21. 22. Proclaim Superhuman Strength … with a Bad Photoshop

22. 23. Piss Yourself and Post It.

23. 24. Let Everyone Know You’re a Sex Attic

24. 25. Not Understand Arabic

25. 26. Act Tough with Fake Blood

26. 27. Be a Smoking 12 Year Old Into Sex, Cutting, and Metal

27. 28. Be “That Guy”

28. 29. Post Your Horrible Life Decisions

29. 30. Find Other Redditors. Then Stalk Them.

30. 31. Be All Lovey-Dovey For Everyone to See

31. 32. Open a Thesaurus and Misuse Words

32. 33. Be Sexist AND Attempt to Hit On Girls at the Same Time

33. 34. Take the Fake Girlfriend Thing Wayyyyyy Too Far

34. 35. Whore Yourself Out for Fake Internet Points

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