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32 Reasons To Love The Game Of Golf

Golf is a great sport that a lot of people find rather boring. Hopefully these 32 reasons will change your mind.

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1. As you age as a golfer . . . the girls will still love you. And you might get a lemonade drink named after you.

2. Golfers, such as Rickie Fowler, have great attitudes, personalities, and fashion. They also make awesome commercials.

View this video on YouTube

Since it's not loading for some, you can find the commercial here

3. There are also plenty of golf "hacks"

You can find the golf hacks here

You can find the golf hacks here

4. The Rocket Powered Golf Club proves there is science in golf.

5. Bubba's hovercraft is pretty genius.

. . . Because it would prevent situations like this.

6. Golf Balls Essentially Defy Physics

7. Drinking while golfing is acceptable.

8. You can pull amazing trick shots.

9. You get to realize the beauty in this swing.

10. The food is actually reasonably priced.

11. Even animals are cute playing golf.

12. It's also a great excuse to spend time with your friends.

13. Making par with your friends feels like this:

14. Even if you're bad at real golf . . . there's always mini-golf.

And disc golf . . .

. . . and bar golf.

15. Driving golf carts is insanely fun . . . and makes it easier to pick up your ball.

16. Without golf, we'd never have the golf clap.

17. . . . Or cute babies playing golf.

18. . . . Or Happy Gilmore.

19. There's no better feeling than finding . . . and cleaning a ton of golf balls.


20. "Play it as it lies" is more of a challenge than a rule.

21. It's exceptionally interesting if rage gets the best of your friends.

22. Golf carts downhill = NASCAR

23. They even make books so you can golf while not on the course.

24. Whenever you're teeing off . . . this is your first thought. Then you nail it dead center.

25. Your pockets start to look like this.

26. Golf is also the ultimate bachelor party activity . . . sober or drunk.

27. There's a ridiculous amount of trust of golfers in other golfers.

28. You also get to see a lot of wildlife.

29. This is better than a bucket of beer at the end of a long day.


30. You also get to aim for the driving range picker . . .

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31. There's also some danger in golf.

32. Tiger once hit a golf ball from Europe into Asia.

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