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    32 Real Life Cheat Codes That Will Change Your Life

    Cheat codes aren't only meant for video games. Here are 32 that can change your real life and make it easier.

    1. Stop: Stop: Play. Skip advertisements in movies and go straight to the movie.

    2. Use cling wrap when measuring wet or sticky ingredients.

    3. Instead of Expensive Anti-Stick Mats, Use Caulk

    4. Always make friends / be nice to your IT people.

    5. Dial 0 during most automatic menu phone systems to be taken to operator to route your call.

    6. If you are speeding and suddenly up ahead see a cop that clearly just tagged you, slow down and wave to him/her. Your odds of being pulled over are quite a bit reduced.

    7. Get the WiFi password for many establishments by checking the comments section of FourSquare

    8. Sprinkle some salt on your napkin coaster at the bar.. your beer won't stick to it

    9. Secretaries, tech support and janitors are the true power in office buildings. Make friends, remember birthdays and you can get anything you need or go anywhere you need.

    10. Pull on your hair in the shower, if it squeaks you already shampooed it.

    11. Baby Oil Makes Your Razors Last Longer

    12. To move frame by frame on Youtube, pause the video and then use J or L to go backward or forward respectively.

    13. Don't announce that you are having a kid till the second trimester.

    14. If you get brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can

    15. To test a remote, put your cell phone in picture mode and face the remote towards the phone and push a button. Cell phones can see light outside of the visible spectrum and if the remote works you will see the light flash on your camera screen.

    16. Set your browser's homepage to a random Wikipedia page. Mysteries await!

    17. When you feel like you need something, but you can't figure out what it is, it's water. It's always water.

    18. If you back up the toilet at work or someones house with no plunger available, look for liquid hand soap. Dump some in the toilet and wait about five minutes and flush again.

    19. When shopping at a mall, take a photo of the information board so you'll never have to go back.

    20. When you finish showering, use your hand as a squeegee to get excess water off your body. It makes drying much faster and your towel will also be dry sooner.

    21. If you gently rock back and forth while pooping it will take significantly less time and make it easier to pass more "troublesome" movements.

    22. If you don't know if a baby is a boy or a girl ask the baby "Whats your name?" And the parent will answer.

    23. Avoid forgetting something in the morning by placing it in your shoes.

    24. When you're talking to someone and can't tell if they are interested in the subject/their mind is elsewhere, cross your arms. If they cross theirs as well, they are truly listening.

    25. If an image is burned into your plasma TV screen turn on static for about a day. Most of the time the image will fade away.

    26. Use ice cube tray to hold small parts when disassembling and assembling things.

    27. Go to free workshops or presentations offered at your college. Most have free food.

    28. Walk on the sides of stairs to avoid/reduce creaks.

    29. When receiving a call from a solicitor, simply press 9; the call will be dropped and your phone number is then put on the companies do not call list. 95% of companies support this feature.

    30. Fast toilet cleaning, pour 20oz of coke (or sprite) into your toilet, let sit for 10 minutes, flush. The acid will clean your bowl.

    31. If your shoes smell from foot odor, treat your feet, not your shoes.

    32. Babywipes. In. The. Bathroom. Game Changer.