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    25 Mind-Blowing Tips That Will Change The Way You Pack For Travel

    When it comes to packing some of us simply aren't very good. Either you pack too much, run out of room, or make a mess of your clothes and jewelry. These tips will help you out.

    1. Fill straws with skincare products.

    2. Prepare Yourself to Sleep

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    Sleeping is hard while traveling. Be sure to bring your favorite pillow or sheets if you can, also a sleep mask. Here are some great tips on how to fall asleep in 2 minutes or less.

    3. Let the internet pack for you.

    4. Roll don't fold to decrease size and wrinkles.

    5. Use emptied chap stick containers to hide valuables at the beach.

    6. Use binders to help keep your earphones untangled.

    7. Pack for the baby - bring its own baby bar soap.

    8. Use a shower cap to cover the bottoms of your shoes to keep dirt and sand off your clothes while packing.

    9. Keep a cotton ball or pad on top of your powdered makeup to keep it from breaking.

    10. Fold your blazer inside-out to prevent it from wrinkling.

    11. Binder clips will keep your razor heads secure.

    12. Contact cases make for a great place to store liquid makeup. Just be sure to mark it as such and not to use them for anything else.

    13. You can use a soap case to protect your camera while packing.

    14. Use Press'n Seal to keep jewelry tangle free.

    15. Also, pill cases work great as well.

    16. Use a Tic-Tac case to store hair pins.

    17. Use your belt while packing to keep your collar stiff.

    18. Don't pack extra speakers! Save space by creating a makeshift speaker for your iPhone using a cup.

    19. Qtips work great in old pill containers.

    20. Tea containers can pack away almost anything from hair ties to a small travel medical kit.

    21. Use an old sunglasses case to store loose cables when you travel.

    22. Put those old easter egg containers to use when you travel by storing hair ties and headbands.

    23. Put plastic wrap over the top of bottles to keep them from leaking.

    24. If you have kids, use an art supply box to keep snacks for your children on road trips.

    25. Protect your clothes from travel stink.