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    Posted on Nov 27, 2013

    24 Creative Thanksgiving Hacks That Will Improve Your Holiday

    With all the cooking and cleaning involved with Thanksgiving, we could all use a lot of help. From football to napping, these 24 hacks will help you out.

    1. Cook Your Turkey in a Crock Pot


    Yes it is possible, recipe can be found here.

    2. DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte


    I mean, who WOULDN'T want this? Not only does this site sale organic body care, but they also have this great recipe here:

    3. Steam Veggies in Your Dishwasher


    All it takes is wrapping them in aluminum foil and throwing them in the dishwasher. Recipe can be found here.

    4. Don't waste time scrubbing every single potato. Run them all through the rinse cycle of your dishwasher to save time.

    5. Spray paint autumn leaves red, gold, silver or white and use a sharpie to write place names for your special Thanksgiving guests.

    6. Make a Cake in Your Fridge


    Recipe is here.

    7. Save Space by Making Mac and Cheese in a Rice Cooker


    Recipe can be found here.

    8. If you plan on drinking beer and watching football, how to get warm beer cold in 15 minutes.

    9. Want to join the family watching football but know nothing about it? Here's a guide for Thanksgiving football:

    10. After Halloween, pumpkins are pretty cheap to buy, so hollow one out (use the pumpkin for a side dish) and create a unique DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece

    11. Learn how to carve a turkey by practicing on cheap rotisserie chickens beforehand.

    View this video on YouTube

    12. Use an upturned wine glass to make a perfectly portioned and circular biscuit.

    13. Can't open that jar you need for cooking this Thanksgiving? Use duct tape.


    14. Turn a pot handle into a spoon rest simply with some aluminum foil.

    15. Learn how to make a no-roll pie crust to save time.


    Recipe can be found here.

    16. Panning on napping? Here's a guide to how long you should without waking up groggy.


    Guide can be found here.

    17. Carve out a small opening into gourds and place a votive candle inside.

    18. If you have any bacon grease leftover, there are a lot of practical uses for it.


    19. Also you can use a can opener to turn cans into cups during the big game (no sharp edges either)!


    20. Make your stuffing in a muffin pan for easier serving.


    Recipe found here.

    21. DIY Turkey Takeout Boxed for Your Guests.

    22. Freeze rolled out pie crusts so they hole their shape in the oven.

    23. Add a little baking powder to mashed potatoes to get that extra fluffiness.

    24. Have an idea of what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers.


    CHOW has a great guide here.

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