20 Creative Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment.

    If you're having trouble staying motivated or on task during the work day, these 20 hacks are for you.

    1. Use Google as a Timer.

    2. Use Adventure Balm to protect your face

    3. Use a Bread Tab to Find the End of the Tape

    4. Know that if you're working in an open office layout, you're more likely to be sick. And unhappy.

    5. Use cheap LED rope lights to illuminate your desk your and keyboard.

    6. Use an old cassette case as a nifty iPod or iPhone holder.

    7. A spice rack makes for perfect storage of small office supplies.

    8. A quick and easy hanger for your headphones.

    9. Use a wet sponge as an ice pack to keep your lunch cold.

    10. Color code cords with colored tape. Bonus: You can write on them.

    11. No time to fully iron your shirt? Hair straighteners are quick and perfect for collars.

    12. A spring is great for keeping papers organized.

    13. Dirty keyboard? Clear tape is the answer.

    14. Stay hydrated throughout the day.

    15. Have a hard time staying focused? Try StayFocusd. It's a life changer.

    16. Add a pocket to your tie for more storage.

    17. Binder Clips and Bucky Cubes can hold almost anything.

    18. A quick and simple solution to avoid stale coffee.

    19. Hang a basket under your desk to keep cords off the floor (away from legs, vacuums, etc). It also looks better.

    20. Use a pen or sharpie to fix scratched black shoes.