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18 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing X-Men Days Of Future Past

Planning on hitting the theaters this weekend to see the new X-Men film? Read up on these 18 tips so you're not lost in the action.

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2. Bolivar Trask


He’s the creator of the large purple mutant smashers known as Sentinels. He also has 2 children who are mutants. He also looks vaguely familiar to that actor in Game of Thrones.

5. It's a Sequel to 'X-Men: First Class'

So this features a handful of those characters, like Magneto (Fassbender), Professor X (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), and Mystique (Lawrence).

12. Here's a recap of the X-Men movies in 3 minutes.

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13. If you want to really get down to business, read 'The Uncanny X-Men,' issues #141 and #142: Days of Future Past

16. Bryan Singer had a two-hour conversation with James Cameron--director of The Terminator--about time travel, string theory, and multiverses in order to prepare for the upcoming film.

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