21 Ridiculous Television Shows We Will See In 2023

After watching television this weekend I realized that television shows are all the same. They take the idea of another show and apply it to another group or person to make a new show. It wasn’t very hard for me to guess what television will be like in 10 years.

1. Game of Drones

The Government keeps ramping up the Drone program to the point that in 10 years it will be possible for the public to buy some of the older models. Game of Drones: Think Robot Wars in the air.

2. Breaking Bud

In 10 years, Marijuana will probably be legalized. Look for your first “Breaking Bad” spin-off.

3. Catfish : Hosted by Manti Te’o

10 years form now, there’s a huge chance Manti’s NFL career will be over. What better way for him to make some more money than by embracing his past?

In case you didn’t know, catfishing is really freaking easy. Click below to learn more:

4. Dancing with the Stars: NFL Edition

If the news of concussions and new rules continue to be imposed on the NFL, dancing might be all we will see in 10 years.

5. Honey Boo Boo’s 16 and Pregnant

Like her big sister in 10 years we’ll see a teenage Honey Boo Boo starring in her own spin-off of 16 and pregnant.

6. House of Lards

I like Honey Boo Boo’s mom. I really do, I promise. However, it seems that television has become obsessed with the fat … and I don’t see that changing in 10 years. If Honey Boo Boo is off doing her 16 and Pregnant thing, I can see the family taking advantage of their gluttonous ways.

7. Duck Dynasty: Cooking with Mrs. Kay

Paula Dean is on the out and Duck Dynasty is in. If you ask me, Mrs. Kay is easily America’s favorite Southern cook at the moment. I know I’d watch her cooking show over Paula Dean’s.

8. Cougar Town featuring Snooki and JWoWW

10 years from now, chances are Snooki and JWoww will be on their 5th spawn combined. However, there’s no way they give up the television screen. Wait for the Cougar Town + Snooki and JWoww spin-off. It’s going to happen.

9. 2 Broke Girls

Self explanatory.

10. Women

The girls of … Girls grow up and Lena Dunham keeps it going. Hopefully with more Donald Glover.

11. Fox News Presents: Ted Nugent’s American Horror Story

Lately it seems that Fox News only exists to scare the living shit out of Americans. I don’t see this changing in 10 years and I can see them giving Ted Nugent his own show … ironically named after a fantastic Fox show.

12. Anger Management 2.0

Since Chris Brown “quit” music last week, he’s going to need something to fall back on. I imagine taking over Charlie Sheen’s show would be a start in 10 years.

13. Castle : The Perils of House Arrest

Let’s face it … Lindsay will probably still be under house arrest in 10 years. Someone is likely to give her a chance to make some money off the unfortunate event.

14. How I Met Your Mother : The Amanda Bynes Story

Let’s be honest … would you be surprised if she got pregnant in the mental ward?

15. True Mud : The Real Buckwild Story

One might be dead and another might be facing drug charges but I don’t believe that will keep TV executives from making a Buckwild spin-off.

16. North West Bound & Down

While it will not be as funny as Eastbound and Down, in 10 years North West will be ready for stardom.

17. Mad Women

Guaranteed we see a spin off of Mad Men focusing on the female characters.

18. One Direction Upon a Time

The boys reminisce over the year they were famous.

19. The Walking Dead of Beverly Hills

Does their plastic surgery stand the test of time? We’ll find out in 10 years.

20. All My (Cryus) Children

Like the Osbourne’s, the Cyrus family will reemerge with their own reality show in 2023.

21. 30 Rocks

WE HAVE PREFECTED HUMAN CLONING AND THE ROCK HAS BEEN CLONED 30 TIMES. Best show ever. I can’t wait until the future.

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