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    18 Amazing Body Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

    From learning how to nap anywhere to knowing what your tongue says about you, body hacks can improve your life. You'll learn everything from how to nap to how super foods can improve your life.

    1. How to Start Running

    2. Eat Super Foods, Not Junk Foods

    3. Always Remember to Get Your Back

    4. When Walking, Make the Most of It

    5. Know the Best Time to Hydrate

    6. If You Have Irritations After Shaving, Try Baby Oil

    7. Know What Foods Are Great for Your Skin

    8. If You Have Poor Posture, Try this Yoga Stretch

    9. Know the Shape of Your Face and Pick Sunglasses Accordingly

    10. What Does Your Tongue Say About You?

    11. Hacks for Relieving Sunburn

    12. Know Your Hand's Pressure Points

    13. Know How to Run (Correctly)

    14. 14. Household Items Good for the Body

    15. DIY Teeth Whitening

    16. Hack Your Brain for Lucid Dreaming

    17. Learn How to Nap Anywhere

    18. This Can Also Apply to Your Dog