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    17 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

    Children's television, movies, and video games have always seemed pretty innocent. However, these 17 fan theories will completely ruin that for you.

    1. In Toy Story Andy's Parents are Going Through a Divorce

    2. Boy Meets World is through the eyes of Corey.

    When Corey is young Eric is portrayed as the 'cool' older brother and someone to look up to in life.

    But as Corey grows up . . . Eric becomes an idiot. Also, their little sister begins to disappear only to reappear as Corey matures.

    3. Kevin's uncle puts a hit on him in Home Alone.

    Frank puts out the hit. However, it is foiled by the old creepy shovel guy distributing salt on the sidewalk (Old Man Marley). This man is an undercover police officer placed there to monitor Frank.

    4. None of the Rugrats ever existed. They are all figments of Angelica's imagination.

    Chuckie died with his mother, which explains why his father is always a nervous wreck.

    Tommy died at birth, which explains why his father, Stu is always in the basement inventing toys for the son he never had.

    The DeVilles either lost a baby early or had an abortion.

    5. The Monsters in Monsters Inc are Terrified of Children due to the Black Death.

    6. The fairies from The Fairly Odd Parents are actually metaphors for andt-depressants. Wanda is Prozac and Cosmo is Zoloft.

    7. The Planateers met on the Magic School Bus

    8. Will Smith actually died on a basketball court in West Philly.

    The cab driver is actually God, taking him to Heaven to work out his issues with his wealthy Aunt and Uncle.

    We rarely see his parents and that's when they come to visit his grave.

    9. WALL-E was the little robot that destroyed Earth.

    10. Johnny Bravo is just a kid.

    11. Super Mario Brothers is about kidnapping your ex girlfriend.

    The flag at the end of each Mario level has a peace symbol, meaning the Goombas and Koopas were peaceful beings.

    Seeing how violent Mario had become the Princess left him for a character with many more castles and security. That's right, Bowser.

    12. Chief Wiggum's wife had an affair with Eddie and Ralph is actually his son

    13. Peter Pan was actually an angel.

    14. Spongebob is actually a tampon.

    Where does he live?

    Where does he work?

    And of course, he hangs out with Sandy Cheeks . . .

    15. In reality, these were all just one long movie.

    16. 10 Things I Hate About You and The Dark Knight are in the Same Universe.

    17. The Lion King and Hercules occurred at the same time.