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15 Things You Should Know Before Joining A Motorcycle Club

While Sons of Anarchy may make joining a Motorcycle Club seem cool and like a great idea, there's actually a lot of thing that the average person doesn't know.

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2. The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is an organization in the United States which attends the funerals of members of the armed forces, firefighters, and police at the invitation of the deceased’s family. They help drown out the Westboro hate.

9. A typical internal organisation of an MC’s hierarchy consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, road captain, and sergeant-at-arms before extending down to ‘full patch members’ and prospective members or ‘probates’.

15. The ‘Golden Rule’ among MC’s goes along the lines of: If you give respect, you’ll get respect, if you act with disrespect, you’ll be treated with the same.” How different clubs interpret and enforce this is changeable between each different MCs.

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