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12 Tweets From Allergy Sufferers That Are Too Damn Funny

If you've been sneezin' all season, you're probably an allergy muddler. It's not easy, but at least we have each other and Reactine® to make things easier on us.

1. It's been a struggle since day one. 👶

me: maybe I was born with it? doctor: maybe it's allergies

2. And its wrath knows no boundaries.

hayfever ruins lives and eye makeup

3. THERE'S NOWHERE TO HIDE!!! Well, besides indoors.

It smells like freshly cut allergies outside

4. Oh, it's a glamorous life for someone with allergies. ✨

Just walked into janitors closet thinking it was the bathroom then farted while blowing my nose in front of a girl pretending not to notice

5. If only it was this adorable.

6. Don't know what we're talking about? Must be nice.

So people without allergies, what's it like being able to breathe your fancy air?

7. MUST. BE. NICE. 😑

Me: I love going outside My allergies: i LoV3 GoINg OutSId3

8. Suffering from allergies is nothing to sneeze at, even though that's all we end up doing.

you'd think "Never Stop Sneezing" was my motto and I took it really seriously.

9. But, hey, it's not all bad! 👍

Who needs a chiropractor when you can just sneeze weird?

10. Oh, wait. Yes, it is.

I worry my allergies are making other people in this café think I'm crying over email or something. I SWEAR IT'S JUST POLLEN.

11. Will the suffering ever end? 😭

Thinking back to a time when I could breath through both nostrils #Allergies

12. Let's just say we're working on it. ⚔️

Pollen is my only living hater.

Allergy muddlers know that sometimes you need to laugh to keep from making your eyes even more watery. Subscribe & Save with Reactine® on Amazon today and Muddle No More™.