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11 Things Allergy Sufferers Are Tired Of Hearing

Being an allergy muddler means hearing these things over and over. Thankfully, there's Reactine® so you don't have to.

1. "Are you crying?"

2. "Sneezing a lot, huh?"

3. "Are you sick?"

4. "I have SUCH bad allergies too! I sneezed two whole times this year."

5. "Why are your eyes so red?"

6. "I've never had allergies."

7. "Have you tried—"

8. "Do you need a tissue?"

9. "My neighbor's nephew's classmate has a peanut allergy."

10. "Can you stop sniffling?"

11. "Seriously, though, are you crying?"

Well, allergy muddlers, save yourself from all the questions! Subscribe & Save on Amazon and get a better view of things with Reactine® and Muddle no More™.