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11 Things Allergy Sufferers Are Tired Of Hearing

Being an allergy muddler means hearing these things over and over. Thankfully, there's Reactine® so you don't have to.

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1. "Are you crying?"

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No! Not on the outside at least.

2. "Sneezing a lot, huh?"

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How observant of you.

3. "Are you sick?"

ABC Studios / Via

No, but thank you for your personal concern that we might be contagious!

4. "I have SUCH bad allergies too! I sneezed two whole times this year."


You poor thing.

5. "Why are your eyes so red?"

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Maybe ask the trees.

6. "I've never had allergies."

AEG Ehrlich Ventures / Via

We're very happy for you.

7. "Have you tried—"

Marvel Studios / Via

Let's stop you there. Yes.

8. "Do you need a tissue?"


If you need to ask, it's probably pretty clear that we do.

9. "My neighbor's nephew's classmate has a peanut allergy."

Hartswood Films / Via

...Okay? That's kind of a different thing.

10. "Can you stop sniffling?"


We would if we could, but honestly if it annoys you this much maybe it's not so bad.

11. "Seriously, though, are you crying?"

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If you ask us one more time, YOU will be.

Well, allergy muddlers, save yourself from all the questions! Subscribe & Save on Amazon and get a better view of things with Reactine® and Muddle no More™.