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15 Classic Lines From Misunderstood Song Lyrics

In the modern age of recorded music, there are more than a few classic mondegreens. Although the brain usually knows better, the near-homophony of these phrases is hilarious to behold. Here are a few choice favorites. Sign up for a free Rdio account to hear the entire song and compare for yourself!

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Decide for yourself at 0:45.

Pop over to 0:31 and see what you hear.

3. Manfred Mann's Earth Band, "Blinded By The Light"

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Manfred Mann does have the distinct honor of performing a cover that's arguably more famous than the original. And the BOSS did the original. That's high praise.

The infamous line drops several times, but first at 0:14.

Listen closely at 0:43.

The questionable lyric first kicks in at 0:33.

Listen up at 1:20.

Drops in at 1:07.

See what you hear at 2:33.

The carbonated battle-cry hits at 0:39 (OR DOES IT?).

It happens quite a few times, but first at 0:44.

Ponder what's said at 1:10.

Start guessing at 1:26.

Click and listen closely.

Find out who Bob's friends really are at 0:33.

Did we miss your favorite? Feel free to remind us in the comments. And don't forget to check out the official post playlist on Rdio!

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