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    • rcousine

      This article feels like the first stage of a paper - where you vomit all of your ideas onto a page - whether they work or not. The problem is, you are supposed to hack those crappy ideas apart and actually write something that makes sense. Taylor Swift’s music video shows them getting married when CDC data shows that MANY couples don’t…? That video surely doesn’t reflect true life! Since when is getting married noteworthy? I don’t get the connection to these two women apart from the fact that they both have dreams of living (God FORBID) happily ever after. What horrible feminist icons! And BTW, men AND women have dreams of leading a happy life which results in marriage and children. And I don’t think Sansa is hated now nearly as much as she was in the first season. The things she has gone through in Game of Thrones have been horrifying. She is not even close to the character she was in the beginning

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