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The Top 5 Pairings Of Singer & Song

Celine Dion – ‘My Heart Will Go On’ What started out as a song on a soundtrack quickly became the most romantic song of the modern age. Written by James Horner, the Titanic theme helped make the 1997 film a success. For years, it became Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and James Cameron’s walk-on music to talk show interviews. Bing Crosby – ‘White Christmas’ The holiday season doesn’t start until this song is heard. Written by Irving Berlin, nothing says Christmas like Crosby’s classic which he famously sung in the 1942 film Holiday Inn. To this day, it is the best-selling single of all time which is saying something since it’s only heard one month out of the year. Frank Sinatra – ‘New York, New York’ Old Blue Eyes had many famous songs to his credit but for some reason this one is his trademark. The song is synonymous with anything great in New York. It’s no wonder Sinatra’s theme is played whenever the NY Yankees, NY Giants and NY Rangers win a big game. Of course, the whole world hears it every New Year’s Eve when the ball drops in Times Square. Elvis Presley – ‘Jailhouse Rock’ No song ever said Rock and Roll more than this Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller written tune and no-one has ever sung it better than The King of Rock himself. Presley performed it famously in the 1957 film of the same title. It almost makes jail seem bearable. Judy Garland – ‘Over the Rainbow’ We wouldn’t have The Wizard of Oz without it and we wouldn’t have it…without Judy Garland. Written by Harold Arlen and E.Y Harburg the tune and Garland are the perfect marriage of singer and song. The entertainer’s life and career were never the same after her alter-ego Dorothy Gale belted it out on her Kansas farm. Since 1939 the melody has represented the dreams, wishes and child-like innocence in all of us. By Rudy Cecera

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Judy Garland From The Wizard of Oz
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Judy Garland From The Wizard of Oz

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