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13 Animal Dads Who Are Completely Underappreciated

Loyal, hard-working, and kind of gross.

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2. Mr. Jacana

These dads flip the script on parenthood. They make the nests, incubate the eggs and take care of the little jacanas. They even take care of other dad's kids! Meanwhile, Mrs. Jacana is blatantly out sleeping around. Truth.


9. Mr. Lumpsucker

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Male lumpsuckers are super defensive of their little ones and protect over 300,000 of them for up to seven weeks.

10. Mr. Giant African Bullfrog

Like most dads, this one can eat pretty much anything. He keeps his eggs protected in his vocal sacs for about six weeks, then barfs them up when they're ready. Not the greatest first impression to life, but it's the thought that counts.

13. Mr. Courtemanche

Regis Courtemanche

Technically speaking, my dad is an animal and raised 7 kids while being a devout husband. He heroically fought yet lost his battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma in 2004. I'll never be able to fully appreciate all that he gave to us, but I try every day.