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Yellow Car: Everything You Need To Know

The simple, yet complicated, car travel game that will liven-up even the most boring rides.

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Yellow Car:

Have you ever found yourself bored in the car on the way to a family vacation or even just to the grocery store? Does the following car conversation sound familiar?

A: I’m bored. Want to play a game?

B: Sure. What game?

A: I don’t know.

B: 20 questions?

A: That’s so boring.

*conversation ends with with A or B turning up the radio*

If that sounded like a conversation you have been a part of, then I have the game for you. Established in a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer, some 10 years ago in the greater-Syracuse area, a game that would forever change the mundanity that is the car ride was born.

The game is simply called “Yellow Car,” and the rules are as follows:


Yellow Car = 1

Yellow Truck/SUV/Van/Crossover = 2

Yellow Hummer = 5

Yellow Snowmobile: 1

Pink Car = 5

Pink Hummer = starting the next game with 10


School Buses: allow a player steal a point from every other player

Yellow Semi/Tractor Trailers: swap scores with another player (this is optional)

Yellow Plow: tie breakers

(Example: You have 3 points and 1 plow while your opponent has 3 points and no plows — you win.)

Tow-truck (of any color): resets the score of any opponent you choose to zero

Yellow Dodge Neon: the player who calls this vehicle will lose 1 point


* Players may not call school busses during school drop off and pick up times.

* School buses parked in a school bus lot do not count.

* All yellow vehicles called must be more than 75 percent yellow.

* Players may not call municipal or construction vehicles.


You can, quite literally, say anything to draw attention to the fact that you are calling out a point.

(Examples include but are not limited to: “yellow!” “yellow car/truck!” “AHHHH!” )


The game ends when any person steps out of the vehicle for any reason.

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