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Virgin Mary Images In Review 2009

2009 was another big year for Holy Virgin Mary image sightings. Compared to the 2009 Jesus Images in Review, you'll see fewer Virgin Mary images here, but they seem to be more reverent -- making one wonder whether the Holy Mother is choosy about where She appears. May these images bring the blessings intended by those they touched!

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  • 1. Virgin Mary Grill Stain

    Look at that image. It truly looks like the Virgin Mary. Would you have saved what you were grilling?

  • 2. Agate Virgin Mary

    You have to look hard to see the Virgin Mother holding Baby Jesus. (Hint: It's in the brown area)

  • 3. Coffee Stain Virgin Mary

    Regular of Decaf? Starbucks or Peets? Wonder what brew the Virgin Mary prefers for her appearance?

  • 4. Red Skittle Virgin Mary

    Why a red skittle to appear in?

  • 5. Virgin Mary Air Conditioner Stain

    This is a good one. No snark. She is there- even with a bird on her shoulder

  • 6. Virgin Mary Bird Poop

    This image got alot of reaction- and why not- it's hard too not see the image- I wonder if the car owner ever washed the image off

  • 7. Condom Virgin Mary

    I agree, this might be tasteless, but its still a Virgin Mary Image, isn't it?

  • 8. Virgin Mary Rock

    That's one big rock- and one sacred image of the Virgin Mary. Note the illustration on the right!

  • 9. Pancake Virgin Mary

    This is the latest Virgin Mary sighting from Dec. Note the illustration to prove its really her!

  • 10. Ironing Board Virgin Mary

    A blessed ironing board. I assume if it was used after the image's clothes would be blessed

  • 11. Window Pane Virgin Mary

    These folks have a dedicated web site for this vision. Nothing like trying to capitalize on a religious icon!

  • 12. Virgin Mary Tree Stump

    You know this is the real deal, because there is a crucifix hanging from the stumps neck

  • 13. Hospital Window Virgin Mary

    I hope this image healed the sick and infirmed before the hospital administrators decided to remove it because- they say it attracted attention! Perhaps it decreased their billing?

  • 14.

    This ain't no Lady of Fatima image, but it's a cold holy shrine for the Virgin Mary Icicle. An upside down icicle at that!