• 1. Virgin Mary Grill Stain

    Look at that image. It truly looks like the Virgin Mary. Would you have saved what you were grilling?

  • 2. Agate Virgin Mary

    You have to look hard to see the Virgin Mother holding Baby Jesus. (Hint: It’s in the brown area)

  • 3. Coffee Stain Virgin Mary

    Regular of Decaf? Starbucks or Peets? Wonder what brew the Virgin Mary prefers for her appearance?

  • 4. Red Skittle Virgin Mary

    Why a red skittle to appear in?

  • 5. Virgin Mary Air Conditioner Stain

    This is a good one. No snark. She is there- even with a bird on her shoulder

  • 6. Virgin Mary Bird Poop

    This image got alot of reaction- and why not- it’s hard too not see the image- I wonder if the car owner ever washed the image off

  • 7. Condom Virgin Mary

    I agree, this might be tasteless, but its still a Virgin Mary Image, isn’t it?

  • 8. Virgin Mary Rock

    That’s one big rock- and one sacred image of the Virgin Mary. Note the illustration on the right!

  • 9. Pancake Virgin Mary

    This is the latest Virgin Mary sighting from Dec. Note the illustration to prove its really her!

  • 10. Ironing Board Virgin Mary

    A blessed ironing board. I assume if it was used after the image appeared…one’s clothes would be blessed

  • 11. Window Pane Virgin Mary

    These folks have a dedicated web site for this vision. Nothing like trying to capitalize on a religious icon!

  • 12. Virgin Mary Tree Stump

    You know this is the real deal, because there is a crucifix hanging from the stumps neck

  • 13. Hospital Window Virgin Mary

    I hope this image healed the sick and infirmed before the hospital administrators decided to remove it because- they say it attracted attention! Perhaps it decreased their billing?

  • 14.

    This ain’t no Lady of Fatima image, but it’s a cold holy shrine for the Virgin Mary Icicle. An upside down icicle at that!