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5 Reasons Why Your Dad Should Meet His Ancient Ancestors This Father's Day

National Geographic's Geno 2.0 DNA Ancestry Kit will give your dad a look into your family's ancient past, while also teaching you a few things. Check out the Genographic Project to learn more.

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2. Find out if it's true that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. / Via

When your dad tests with Geno 2.0, he can discover which branch of the human family tree he is a member of. He’ll also learn the migration path his ancestors took out of Africa. Find out which branch of the Human Family Tree you fall from!

3. Get a peek at what the glorious science of inherited traits has in store for you! / Via

The Geno 2.0 DNA Ancestry Kit identifies mutations in your DNA that are passed down from generation to generation. You may find out that you're alike in more ways than you imagined.

4. Your dad can take a road trip through time without having to stop for directions. / Via

When your dad tests with Geno 2.0, he will receive a personalized map that shows the route his ancestors traveled out of Africa. No GPS required.

5. Finally proof for what you've been saying all along -- Dad is a Neanderthal / Via

As humans left Africa, they mingled with our ancient hominin cousins the Neanderthals and found one another impossible to resist. These ancient cousins live on in our DNA, and you can find out what percent Neanderthal your dad is with Geno 2.0. And maybe it could explain a few other things ...

Find out more about the Genographic Project today!

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