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9 Ways To Start Your Dream Career No Matter Your Age

It’s never too early (or too late!) to think about your career plan.

Thinking about your dream job but don't know where to start? The good news is that RBC Upskill, powered by FutureFit AI in partnership with RBC Future Launch, can be your free personal career assistant for each of these steps.

1. Figure out where you are in your journey.

A person staring at a planning board

2. Get into networking.

A person on a video call on their computer

3. Explore your options.

A person choosing a direction to walk

4. Go digital.

A person working with their parent on their laptop

5. Leverage resources.

A graph displayed on a computer

6. Practice interviewing for the job you want.

A person waving at a tablet screen

7. Improve your skills.

An engineer working on a project

8. Identify a solid plan.

A person writing on a sticky note

9. Don't get discouraged.

A person working on laptop

From networking and interview practice to full-on career mapping, try RBC Upskill today to unlock your career potential. Plus, check out RBC Future Launch to find more resources to help you prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

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