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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Personal Injury Law

Around the world, over 20 million people are injured in accidents every year. These accidents could be at home, at the workplace, car accidents and outdoors, most times as a result of someone else not carrying out their duty appropriately. Although the victims of these accidents have their rights and can be awarded compensations when they exercise these rights, not up to a hundred thousand of them get to stake any claims. Perhaps they don’t know the Personal Injury Law (also called Tort Law) covers them. Personal injury cases are legal disputes arising when a person suffers harm or injury as a result of someone else’s “irresponsible” actions. The law covers injury to the body, mind and emotions as opposed to damage to property. From the workplace, to public places as well as in the homes, these cases can be found and it takes one who is fully aware of its implications to take advantage. Unfortunately, not many are, and the few who know of this law know very little. In coming to your rescue, here are some things you probably never knew about the Personal Injury Law.

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1. This law covers more than just physical injuries


According to Percy Martinez Law office, most people think of the personal injury law as just a coverage for any physical injuries sustained from car accidents. This is very wrong. The law covers all physical, emotional and psychological hurt you might have encountered as a result of someone else’s actions.

You can therefore make a personal injury case when you’re involved in an accident, when a person does anything to bring your name to disrepute, when you lose enjoyment in activities you loved due to another’s actions and so many more instances.

The compensations awarded from personal injury cases can be extensive

Most personal injury cases don’t get to court. In 90% of the cases known, settlement is usually the way to go. These settlements, nonetheless are still extensive.

2. You don’t necessarily need a lawyer to defend you

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While most people opt to appoint attorneys to defend their rights, you can still go ahead to defend yourself in a personal injury case, depending on the severity of injury suffered. Once you have adequately assessed the damages suffered, and they are minor, you can go ahead to make your case for a settlement.

3. You don’t have to pay your attorney, unless you win your case


This makes personal injury cases stand out from other kinds of lawsuits. Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means they only charge a percentage of the compensation paid out, usually about 30-35%. However, this could rise to 40% and above it the case goes to trial.

4. The law covers you better when you act quickly


It’s common for people to wait for tings to take shape and sometimes get out of hand before deciding to consult a lawyer. The personal injury law covers you better if you move quickly, usually within 3 years of the accident. There are stated time limitations and going beyond these limits narrows or even eliminates your chances of getting compensated, even if you’re on the right.

5. Personal injury law provides extensive coverage


This law covers you in a lot of ways you might not be aware of. When you venture into someone’s property, the person has a duty to ensure your wellbeing. Negligence or failure to uphold this leaves you in the right state to make a personal injury case. Injuries from slips and falls at the workplace, intentional acts like battery and assault, selling of defective products, defamation to your reputation, medical malpractices, dog bites, use of poorly maintained equipment in the workplace, improper or insufficient training and so much more are covered under the personal injury law. I bet you never knew that.

Depending on the severity of the damages caused, you could stand to rake in hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You just have to know when to exercise your rights, access the damages caused properly and get an experienced attorney to argue your case.

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