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What Everybody Ought To Know About Coffee

Coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage; that of course when you exclude water. From the Americas to Asia, through Europe and Australia, down to Africa, millions of people enjoy this awesome drink. Many of these people, certainly, not knowing that there is more to coffee than just the liquid in their cups. Coffee has been around for over a millennium now. Over this period, researchers have discovered awesome and mind-blowing facts about this beverage. Here are some of the most thrilling things you should know about coffee before having your next cup of the beverage.

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1. Coffee was discovered by goats


Okay, not really…but goats played a huge role in the discovery of coffee. According to tales, an Ethiopian herdsman took his goats out for a feed. The goats, unknowingly, fed on these coffee cherries. The result was him having to stay awake all night due to the disturbances of the goats. I bet the goat ate some specialty coffee beans. Well, he reported to the monks who dug deeper, and voila!!! Coffee as we have it today. So next time when enjoying that satisfying cup of coffee, just remember, you should be grateful to the goats around you…their ancestors played a role!

2. Great coffee lies in the roasting and brewing process


After the coffee seeds are harvested, the next steps in the making of coffee are the roasting and brewing processes. These two stages are highly critical in the making of the coffee and determine to a great extent, if the coffee will be just another coffee, or the perfect coffee.

If the coffee you are served daily tastes great, just know the roasting and brewing stages were painstakingly done.

3. Coffee might originally be from Africa


Coffee was discovered over a millennium ago by a herdsman in Ethiopia, which is in Africa. Arabian trades initially came to buy the product from Ethiopia and Sudan to make drinks they called “quala”, which translates directly as a “drink to put sleep away”.

4. Coffee contains caffeine

Coffee contains a decent bit of caffeine, a chemical that could act as a stimulant in the body. For this reason, coffee ought to be taken in moderation. Even the so-called decaffeinated coffee (decaf coffee) contains a good bit of caffeine.

One of the various effects caffeine could have on your body is depriving you of sleep, when taken close to bed time.

5. Coffee can boost sex drive in women


Well, this study is yet to be comprehensively agreed upon, but coffee has been proven to boost sex drives in female rats. This claim, according to scientists, is most likely to work with females who are yet to be well acquainted with coffee intake. When finally proven to be universally accurate, coffee could go a long way in changing the story of many relationships.

6. A lot of water is needed to make a “cup of coffee”

This might sound quite inaccurate, as a cup of coffee does not really sound like much water. Perhaps, this is because you never knew that to make the beans for a cup of coffee, approximately 37 gallons of water is needed.

That is quite a lot of water, considering the fact that half of that could water a farm of certain crops.

7. The coffee plant outlives most humans


Okay, it is well-known that the average age for most humans ranges between 70 to 90 years; some get significantly more, some less. However, the average coffee plant lives an astonishing 200 years. 200 years of supplying you with your ever-awesome refreshing daily drink. Show some gratitude, somebody?

8. The number of cups of coffee consumed daily is mindboggling

It is estimated that on the average, 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily...1.6 billion cups. That’s to say, of every 6 people in the world, one takes coffee daily. Amazing right?

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