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The best ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend

Are you in love with that lady? Oh yes! I thought as much. I have heard some people opine that love is all that matters in a relationship with one’s woman. Yes! Love is the key to her heart. When the door however gets opened with this key, what would keep cupid’s flames burning in Venus’s heart? Over the years, I have read, seen, experienced and learnt a lot to conclude that there are no specific rules to keep a relationship going. Just like the Old saying, ‘different strokes for different folks’. However, there are some ‘must – dos’ to improve your relationship with your girlfriend

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Communication is key in every relationship. You should communicate from the outset. In other words, you should communicate into the relationship. No one makes a woman feel secured than an open minded individual. She is not trying to know a lot about you because she is nosy. It is because she cares.

You need to understand her favorite style of communication. If she is the visual type, make sure you have a face to face communication more often. If she is the emotional type which is the case for most ladies, you may hold her hands. Don’t forget to recap everything she tells you per time to assure her you were listening.



Many men think listening to her means keeping quiet while she speaks. That’s part of it anyway but it definitely transcends. You need to take every word in like your favorite meal. Trust me, she has thought about what she is discussing with you hundreds of times before telling you. She only trusts your judgement and insight. When you eventually respond, please don’t let her down. She wants you to hear her communicate to you even when she isn’t saying a word. Listen to her when she is saying sorry without her words. Pick the cue when she is acting up or cranky for no reason. All she wants at that point is attention. Give it to her. It is however important to also listen to her words too. Don’t be too eager to say your mind when she’s pouring hers out.

Tell Her These Two Things Often


‘I love you.’ ‘I am sorry.’ These two phrases have saved countless relationships. With no doubt, we can say that ego is the main reason men are reluctant to say these things. For men, once a woman loves them and shows it, they don’t need to be reminded. A woman wants the whole package. So, LOVE HER, SHOW HER and TELL HER!

Telling a woman, ‘I am sorry’ only makes her feel more appreciated and respected. When most men do wrong, they believe in just doing everything possible to fix the wrong. Whereas, what you need to fix most times is her feelings. What she needs most times is an apology. GIVE HER. It never hurts, it never makes you a lesser man.

Build Trust


As much as you love each other, you must trust each other. The walls of the relationship should be made of trust. If she doesn’t not trust you, you are only keeping her safe and warm for her next boyfriend. You may be faithful and still not be trusted. You have to clear her doubt every time. Avoid awkward relationships with the opposite sex. No woman loves her man flirting no matter how minimal. It is one thing for you to be faithful, it is another thing for you to be trusted.

Surprise Her


Many men read about or hear about surprises, what they can only think about is buying her probably a fast car or anything luxurious. Well, everybody likes these things. However, she just wants to be dazed each time you buy her something or do anything for her. Women appreciate things most men see as ‘petty’. Surprising her with breakfast in bed could be an experience she will talk about for the rest of her life.

Be A Man, Be in Control


Oversee your own life. Have goals, accomplish them. Women love and stick to men who exude confidence. When your lady is sad, unhappy or moody, you should be decisive enough to make her smile again. You should not only play the boyfriend roles. You should be her friend, guard, guide and guardian. Women from all works of life love men who are in control

Don’t Be Manifestly Jealous


It is only natural to be uncomfortable with some types of men around your woman. If not all types of men. You however have to take it cool on yourself. Don’t kill your relationship with your intolerance. There were male friends in her life before she met you, there are men she is meeting and there are men she is yet to meet. The bottom line is, if she is yours, she is yours. Stop getting too jealous. Stop stalking her. You are her boyfriend, not a tracking device

Speed Time with Her


You need to be up and doing about all her needs. More importantly is speeding time with her. Your time is a resource that money can’t buy and when you share it with her, she knows how much you value her. It also signals to her that you will rather spend time with her than someone else. There and then, she knows that you truly love to be in her presence.

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