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    From Cosmopolitan to Forbes: Celeste Buckingham keeps a good balance

    The life and career of Celeste Buckingham are inspiring and motivating. To some of us, the American-Swiss artist may be a new name, but after doing a little research we see that she is not a newcomer. She is a star and one that surely deserves the title. Celeste Buckingham’s family moved to Slovakia when she was only three years old, where she was raised and began her music career. The 22-year-old who is a certified platinum artist and MTV Music Award winner in Europe, has just released a new album BARE with the music video Go Away. You should take time to watch it. Celeste Buckingham can be categorized from Pop to Alternative, her music includes organic instrumentation, electronic beats, catchy rhythms, and haunting melodies. While her songs have powerful themes and metaphors woven in between the banging beats and electrifying vocals. However, what is striking about Celeste, is the balance that she maintains amongst her various passions and responsibilities. She manages to wear her many different hats so well; while she is a singer and songwriter, a TV personality, actress and sometimes a fashion model you will catch her being an activist for the rights of under-privileged women and children, committed to many philanthropic and charitable organizations and causes and at the same time co-managing her own music label. You see her all glamorously posed on the cover of the Cosmopolitan magazine one day, and looking quite professional gracing the cover of the Forbes magazine as one of the 30 Under 30!

    Passion for music

    Celeste Buckingham has an almost magnetic allure. She has a voice that was meant for the largest of arenas. Her tone can change from a persuasive anthemic chant to a soothing, seductive whisper, leaving listeners spellbound and longing for more. She can lay out dark soul-searching confessions, and then bring everything back into the light with a quick turn of phrase. Powerful yet graceful, she can dominate any song with her voice. She did it on “Run, Run, Run”, she did it on “Crushin’ My Fairytale” and now she’s done it again on the alluring “Go Away” which is taken off of her latest album, “BARE”.

    Passion for the less privileged

    Celeste uses her music success and popularity as a too to focusses on tackling societal issues. With the variety of issues facing the world today, we need voices like Celeste to use their platform to drive social change. You can call her a social entrepreneur and an activist for child and women emancipation. This noble profession has been seen to help shape the course of the human history from the restoration of Europe after World War II to the recent aid to combat Ebola in Sub Saharan Africa. For Celeste, her passion lies in helping children and women get on in life. She is an avid activist who spends much of her time and resources for social causes such as children’s health and education as well as the gender equality, especially for underprivileged girls and women. The world needs voices like hers to use their platform to ensure a thriving society is created for everyone. No one should be left behind.

    Passion for business

    It is hard to succeed as an artist this day if you don’t have basic business skills, the entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for success. Celeste fits in perfectly with this description, she has been able to extend her reach from just making music but handling the business and work that goes into commercializing music. She was named as one of the under 30 successful entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine. At age 18 she became a partner in her own Indie label and publisher to extend her reach as a musician. Her contribution to the label has helped produce several artists and brought about other collaborative projects. In Jack Welch words “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion”. For Celeste, her passion has always been to make music and mentor another artist to attain greater height in their musical career and she is living her passion today.

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