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6 Tips To On How To Avoid Cracked Samsung Screen

Mishaps are always bound to happen. In the home, at work, outdoors, wherever, accidents will always occur. In many cases, it is the fragile parts involved in the accidents that suffer the greatest damage. This is probably most evident with mobile devices and their screens. Even the most careful Samsung smartphone and tablet users, still stand the risk of having a cracked screen, let alone the very many butter-finger users. A cracked screen takes beauty away from your phone. It is like an acne-ridden face; no matter how beautiful you are, the face will never show it. For this, therefore, it is important to do all you can, to avoid having a cracked screen. Thanks to advances in technology, and quick-thinking innovators, measures have been put in place, to guard you and your phone against having a crack. Below are some of the best tips, to protect your Samsung screen from cracking.

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1. Get a screen protector


A screen protector usually comes with a plastic cover, laid over the screen to protect it from the direct effects of falls and scratches. The Samsung screen protector absorbs the shock the phone sustains from a fall and could save the screen from getting shattered.

2. Use a hard shell case


A hard shell case could be the saving grace for your Samsung screen, from having a crack. This accessory protects the phone in its entirety, absorbing all shock from a fall, and in most cases, protecting the screen from shattering.

The advantage this accessory has over similar accessories is that it protects more than just the screen. The phone casing is sheltered from scratches and breakages.

3. Get a tempered glass


Tempered glasses are specialized accessories, made to protect the screen from the direct effects of falls, scratches, and heavy objects falling on your Samsung screen. It is essentially a second screen, as it adds a second, but more resistant glass layer, over the original screen of the phone. On the god side, a tempered glass is transparent and allows you to use your Samsung device, as you would without it.

4. Put your phone in a pouch always


You could save yourself and your Samsung screen, from the paralyzing impact a screen break or crack brings, by using a pouch. A pouch could be made of rubber, leather, plastic or any other material. It performs the same function as a wallet does for your money and credit cards.

If for any reason, your phone falls, when enclosed in a pouch, the sustained shock is doused, preventing any serious damage to the screen. Fortunately, there are sleek designs and beautifully designed pouches to choose from. You could even go ahead to get a personalized design for your pouch.

5. Try your best to disrupt the fall


Out of every ten Samsung devices with a cracked screen, eight results from the direct impact of a fall. The height from which your device falls plays a huge role on the degree of damage sustained.

Try your best possible to be careful while handling your mobile devices. If however, it falls, do your best to disrupt the fall. Conjure every reflex you can muster, to ensure the fall does not fall face down. Falling on the base will save the screen from cracking and shattering.

6. Use a combination of accessories


While the use of any of the above listed accessories could save your Samsung screen from cracking, a combination of two or more of them will even do a better job.

You could use a screen protector, together with a hard shell case, or a pouch. Also, a flip cover and a tempered glass cover could go along well. These accessories barely weight more than a few grams, so should not add any significant weight to your device. Just make sure you feel comfortable with whatever choice you make.

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