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    Updated on Jul 2, 2019. Posted on Jul 2, 2019

    What I Learned When I Accidentally Became A Travel Influencer On Instagram

    Instagram started as a creative outlet for me when I was in dire need of hobbies. I've always loved composing images and my island home of Bermuda made it easy to create the tropical images I've always loved to see. Being an "influencer" was not a goal of mine, and I never cared about growing a following until I realized the value it could have (by the way I hate the word "influencer" also). At a crossroad in my life, friends were quitting their jobs to travel and as a freelancer, I had the flexibility to go with them. So with a one-way plane ticket to Asia booked, I issued myself a challenge - If I could gain 10,000 followers on Instagram I would self-publish the novel I'd been trying to traditionally publish for years. My novel was, after all, about a Millenial traveling the world chasing her dream of becoming a travel photographer. So off I went to grow my author platform on Instagram, and here is what I learned...

    The Vast Majority of Instagrammers/Content Creators are Self-Funded

    This Lifestyle Isn't for Everyone

    Travel Isn't Just a Holiday, It's Work

    Getting Freebies are Perks, Getting Sponsored is the Dream

    Finding "Photographers" Can be Tricky

    There is a Community of Us, and We Love to Meet and Work Together

    We See Amazing Places With Otherwise Wouldn't

    We Chase Instafamous Places

    We Also Seek Out New Places

    Some Look Very Different and Can Be Disappointing in Real Life

    Growing a Following Takes Work and Dedication

    Getting the Perfect Shot Takes Patience and Photoshop Skills

    We Go To Great Lengths For a Single Shot

    It's a Great Way To Meet Locals

    We are No Less “Present” or “In The Moment"

    It Can Lead to Other Opportunities

    It's a Passion and We Have Our Individual Goals

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