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    Posted on Apr 3, 2017

    This Adorable Succulent Dinosaur Is The Perfect Addition To Your Porch

    Bring 'em back from extinction with this living planter!

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    I cute is this thing?

    Ray Pajar / Via BuzzFeed


    # Fill a basket planter with potting soil. Pat down to ensure basket is filled to the brim.

    # Top the soil with a round coco liner, followed by a round cutout of chicken wire.

    # Secure chicken wire by threading wire through the basket then through the chicken wire. Loop twice, then twist the wire. Cut off any excess wire and tuck it into the coco liner.

    # Take a piece of wire, four times the height of your terra-cotta pot. Fold the wire in half and thread through the chicken wire. Fold the threaded wired in half.

    # Thread the wire through the bottom of the terra-cotta pot.

    # Thread a flat washer through one side of wire in the terra-cotta pot. Twist the wire to secure the washer and pot in place. Repeat with three more pots to create the four legs of your dinosaur. Set aside.

    # Take a square of chicken wire and lay flat.

    # Take patches of live moss and place them on your chicken wire. Make sure the green part of your moss patch is facing your chicken wire.

    # Take the edges of your wire and form a cylinder with your live moss encased in the center. Shape your cylinder to create the head and neck of your dinosaur. Secure with more wire and set aside.

    # Grab your basket and carefully insert a wooden rod into your mound. Place your dinosaur head on the wooden rod. Secure the base of your dinosaur neck to the basket.

    # As an optional step, repeat the process to create a dinosaur tail.

    # Use a screwdriver to pierce the coco liner.

    # Carefully fill the hole with succulents and more potting soil. Repeat until the body of your dinosaur has been filled with enough succulents.

    # Water the moss daily.

    # Water the succulents when the base of your dinosaur is dry.

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