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    These Concrete Hands Will Be The Cutest Part Of Your Garden

    So, so cute.

    What you need:

    * Dust mask

    * Disposable rubber gloves

    * Mixing bowl

    * Margin mixing trowel

    * Cement

    * Water

    * Rubber dishwashing gloves

    * Safety pin

    * Box cutter

    * Succulents


    Before starting this project make sure you are working in a well ventilated area. Protect your hands with disposable rubber gloves and your mouth with a dust mask. Avoid breathing in any of cement particles. In a medium size bowl, carefully mix your cement and water. Follow the instructions on the package, mix until the cement is smooth.

    Take your dishwashing gloves and using a safety pin carefully poke holes in the fingertips. This will help remove air pockets. Place you gloves in a tall container to help hold it upright.

    Carefully take your cement and pour it into your dishwashing gloves. If the cement is too dry and difficult to work with, add a small amount of water to smoothing it out. Carefully push the cement through the rubber gloves, distributing throughout the gloves evenly. Gently tap your rubber gloves to remove any remaining air bubbles.

    Place your gloves in a plastic bowl to shape them. Use paper or scrap pieces of fabric to help shape your cement. Create a 2nd cement hand for a larger two hand planter. To merge your hands together carefully create a cut on your gloves where the two pieces meet. Scoop out a small amount of cement to merge the two pieces together. To create a bowl shape, place a piece of plastic wrap over the exposed cement and place a small bowl over the plastic wrap to create the bowl shape.

    Let your cement cure for 24+ hours. Thicker cement will require more time to cure and dry.

    Once your cement has dried carefully remove the rubber gloves. Strategically cut the rubber gloves off. Avoid applying too much pressure to the cement when removing the rubber gloves. If a finger is broken during the removal process, reattach it using E6000 glue.

    Use small pliers to help remove the small stubborn left over glove pieces.

    Add garden soil and small succulents to your planters. Add pieces of preserved moss to decorate your planter. Water accordingly with a spray bottle.

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