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There's A Corn On The Cob Dinosaur Holder And I Wish I Was A Kid Again

Eat your veggies, kids!

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What you need:

* Food Grade Silicone

* Interlocking Corn Holders

* Plastic Dinosaur Toys

* Hand Saw

* Hot Glue

* Sand Paper


Start off by finding the center of your plastic dinosaur toy and carefully, using a hand saw, cut your dinosaur in half. Using fine grit sand paper, clean up and smoothen the edges.

Take your corn cob holder and place it inside your hallowed out dinosaur halves. If the corn cob holders don’t fit, use your hand saw to trim the end of your corn cob holders.

Add hot glue to one end of your corn cob holder and place it inside one of the dinosaur halves. Wait for the hot glue to cool and solidify. Using food safe silicone, fill in the space between your corn cob holder and your dinosaur. Use a popsicle stick and smoothen out the silicone. Let the silicone sit and dry for an hour to form a dry top layer.

Interlock your corn cob holders and add hot glue to the other end of the corn cob holder. Insert it into the other dinosaur half and hold it in place for a minute, waiting for the hot glue to cool. Separate the two halves and fill the remaining spaces with silicone. Wait at least 24 hours for the silicone to dry. Drying times may vary depending on the thickness of the silicone.

Once fully dried, wash throughly with soap and water. Stick each end to an ear of corn and enjoy.