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    This Mug Is Perfect For Anyone That Loves Hot Drinks

    Even better: they're dishwasher safe!

    It is too darn cold out there.

    Here's what you'll need:

    * Coffee mug

    * Painters tape

    * Rubbing alcohol

    * Alcohol ink

    * Dishwasher-safe decoupage glue

    * Paint brush

    1. Tape off the rim of your coffee mug using painter's tape.

    2. Apply rubbing alcohol all over your mug with a clean paint brush, letting the mug stay a little bit wet.

    3. Immediately after applying the alcohol, paint the ink on in any design you want.

    4. Let your design dry completely.

    5. Paint on an even layer of dishwasher-safe decoupage glue ($7.39) to seal the deal.

    6. Wash your mug before you use it.

    7. Enjoy!

    Check out the full tutorial here.

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