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    Save The Day With These Smart Wine Opening Hacks

    Because a missing corkscrew shouldn't keep the booze from flowing.

    What you need:

    • Bike hook

    • Small screw

    • Multitool

    • Hammer and screwdriver

    • Two pairs of chopsticks

    • Dish towel


    Method 1:

    Carefully screw the bike hook into the wine cork. Continue to twist it in until the threads of the bike hook are fully screwed into the wine cork.

    Grip the hook portion of the bike hook and carefully pull the cork out.

    Method 2:

    Using a multitool or a screw driver, screw in a screw into your cork. Leave a quarter inch of the screw exposed.

    Using the back end of a hammer, carefully pull the cork and screw out.

    Method 3:

    Place two pairs of chopsticks on top of the cork. Wrap the top of your wine bottle and the base of the chopsticks with a dish towel.

    On a solid surface, grip the chopsticks and the neck of the wine bottle and firmly push the cork down into the bottle. Use the dish towel to prevent any splashing.

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