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Make These Floating Candles For You Halloween Soirée

Turn your home into Hogwarts.

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Recycled paper towel tube

Hot glue gun
Spray paint

Tea lights

Fishing line


1. Cut the paper towel tube to your desired size.

2. Stand the paper towel tube upright, carefully take the hot glue gun and slowly apply hot glue at the top of the tube.

3. Carefully let the hot glue drip from the top of the tube. Continue to drip the hot glue around the ring of the paper towel tube until it is completely coated. Set aside and let cool.

4. Create a ring on hot glue on the inside of the paper towel tube. This ring will act as a ledge for the tea lights to rest on.

5. Spray the candle with your 1st color of spray paint. Let it dry completely before moving to the next step.

6. Stand the candle up right and lightly accent the top with white spray paint.

7. Place a tea light in the candle.

8. Use a needle and clear fishing line to thread the candle.

9. Display the candle on a flat surface or hang to create a floating candle illusion.

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