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    Make Fluffy's Day With This DIY Cat Scratch Post

    Because clawmarks on the furniture are not cute.

    What you need:

    • 2 - 12 in (30.5 cm) plywood squares

    • 2 - 4 in (10 cm) plywood squares

    • Power drill

    1 1/4 in wood hole saw bit

    • 1 1/14 in wooden dowel

    Wood glue

    • Cardboard

    Bun foot


    1. Find the center point of one of the 12-inch plywood boards. To do this, use a ruler to connect the opposing corners and draw an X. Using the 1 1/4-inch hole saw bit, drill a hole into the center of the X.

    2. Repeat the process and drill through the center of both of the two 4-inch plywood squares with the saw bit. Use wood glue to attach the the two pieces.

    3. Glue the 12-inch plywood pieces together, with the cut piece on top.

    4. Glue the smaller boards to the larger ones, aligning all the center holes together. Apply wood glue inside the hole and insert the 1 1/4-inch wooden dowel. Let dry overnight.

    3. Using a paper cutter, cut multiple cardboard squares measuring 6x6 inches. Stack the squares five to six pieces at a time, find the center, and use the saw bit to cut into holes into all of your cardboard pieces.

    4. Stack the cardboard pieces onto the wooden dowel until you've reached the top. Cap the tower with a wooden bun foot (follow package instructions to use the appropriate drill bit to attach it).

    5. Arrange the cardboard pieces as desired to create different designs.

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