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    Impress Everyone With These Super Simple Yet Elegant Clay Bowls

    The clay stamp of approval.

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    What you need:

    *White air dry clay

    *Gold ink

    *Rubber stamp


    *Medium bowl


    Take about a fist worth of air dry clay and carefully roll it out. To evenly distribute your clay, occasionally flip and rotate your clay as you roll it out.

    Continue to roll out your clay until you have a thickness between 1/4 and an 1/8 of an inch. Using a circular template carefully cut out a circle into your clay. Remove the extra clay pieces.

    Dip your rubber stamp into your ink, then apply the wet stamp onto your clay. Apply a small amount of pressure to your stamp to create an impression in the clay to hold your ink. Repeat the process to make additional impressions onto your clay.

    Without smudging your ink carefully lift the clay and place it over a small bowl. While the clay is still moist, form the edges of the clay onto the rim of the bowl. Apply a light amount of pressure to hold the clay in place. This will semi suspend the clay over the bowl. Let the clay dry overnight.

    Once dry, apply pressure to one side of the clay bowl to remove it from the bowl. Using fine grit sand paper, smoothen the edges. Using the same ink as your design, apply ink to the rim of your bowl.

    Once the rim ink has dried apply a layer of glaze. Let the glaze completely dry before using.

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