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Give Old Pencils New Life With These DIY Candy Erasers

Sweeten up your school supplies.

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What you need:

Eraser clay

• Parchment paper

• 7mm wooden dowel


(Note: Steps 1 and 2 are an optional method to create a custom clay color.)

1. To create a custom color, cut two 1-inch blocks of clay (in different colors) into small strips.

2. Layer the clay in an alternating pattern. Roll it into a ball to combine the colors.

3. Carefully insert the dowel into your ball of eraser clay.

4. Cut another 1-inch piece of eraser clay into a square. Cut the square into two triangles. Mold the triangles to look like the ends of a candy wrapper.

5. Create a small slit into one end of the clay eraser ball and attach the triangle eraser end. Repeat on the other side of the ball. Place onto a piece of parchment paper.

6. Follow package instructions to bake. Check on the clay frequently so as not to overbake!

7. Allow clay to cool completely and attach to a pencil.

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