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15 Of The Most Awesomely Real Tweets From Black Feminists This Week

When Keeping It Real Goes Ohhhhh So Right... Check out some of the tweets from #BlackFeministTwitter that absolutely GAVE ME LIFE this week!

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On the definition of activism:

Can someone remind "activists" that "I'm exploiting, plagiarizing or triggering you for 'the greater good'" is actually not activism? K.

On the ACTUAL reason for employment inequality:

Naming Black children to be "job worthy" in a financial system that wouldn't exist without once treating those children as property. Whew...

On hiding behind the cover of "truth" :

And I'm just telling the truth is not a cover for you being purposefully hurtful and elitist

On "winning" :

Way to many of y'all think people not wanting to engage with you is the same as winning an argument

On filtering one's self:

I can't turn off my blackness, so why should I turn off being outspoken about it?

And again, because employment discrimination is oh so real:

it's so telling. someone's name means to you that they don't get to make a living. it's their name. not yours.

On why you won't be entertained:

I don't have to "entertain" dehumanization, classism, anti-Blackness or erasure as "valid viewpoints."

On the true definition of violence:

Be careful about ppl who think they're being "logical" and "calm" about why you shouldn't fucking exist. They're violent. Still.

On who's really more dangerous:

Who is more dangerous? The unemployed beer-guzzler tailgating at a Confederate flag rally or the racist teacher w/a class of 30 Black kids?

On unrecognized mediocrity:

I aspire to have the confidence of a truly mediocre white male.

On silent racism:

Silent racists who have power to act in ways that have disparate impact on people of color are heinous and dangerous

On the lifestyle:

A care free black girl isn't just an alternative black girl. It's any black girl who puts a middle finger up to societal standards.

On the concept of freedom:

it's a mindfuck to be out here living as a free black woman & the vast majority of ppl tryna connect w/ you seek colonial relationships.

Bonus, on the true enemy:

I continue to talk about race because race continues to impact my life & the lives of those who look like me. I'm not the enemy, racism is.

And again, on LOVE:

Artist. Writer and Social Critic at Black Woman. Future Mommy to a Young Black King. This will be my greatest assignment yet.

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