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10 Of The Most Powerful Tweets From Black Activists This Week

In a time of pivotal social uprising, Black Activists are taking to Twitter to spread their message and promote solidarity.

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On "Well-Behaved" Black Women:

I do not want to see "well behaved" Black women. I want to see Black women being their authentic self, whatever that means to them.

Via @thesoulasylum

On Self-Care and the Black Woman:

I hate seeing the same story of a woman having to put her needs aside to "save her family". Kill that noise.

Via Twitter: @thesoulasylum

NO. BLACK Women. That's It... BLACK Women.

Me: "Black women." Them: "WoC?" Me: "Black women." Them: "ALL women?" Me: "Black women." Them: "Black men?" Me: "Black women." Them: "Kale?"

Via Twitter: @thetrudz

On the Need for Affirmation:

Black women would not have to affirm ourselves constantly if the social order didn't try to degrade us constantly.

Via Twitter: @tres_stimulante

On Your Heinous Acts:

"My healing and affirmations do not rely on granting others forgiveness or reprieve from their heinous acts." -@FeministaJones

Via Twitter: @WMichelleWho

On Justice:

"And when you say justice, it doesn’t have to be war. Justice could just be clearing a path for people to dream properly." - Kanye West

Via Twitter: @heavenrants

On Black Organizing:

It is odd to see folks push against a monolithic notion of blackness and simultaneously push for a monolithic notion of black organizing.

Via Twitter: @deray

On Loving Your People:

love your people loudly openly proudly brazenly

Via Twitter: @PiaGlenn

On Inconsistency:

One second we glorify the hood and hood things the next we are scoffing at the people that actually live there. Makes NO sense

Via Twitter: @kimberly_inc

YES. Yes We Will...

Via Twitter: @deray

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