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Everything You Need To Know About Ferguson, MO Told In "30 Rock" Gifs

Not really

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No, seriously, this travesty can't be told in gif form. Or at the very least, it shouldn't.

Any site that honestly tries to claim to do so should be embarrassed.

Some terrible things happened last night and to try to trivialize it in a cutesy way is a shame.

If you don't know what happened last night, then you should not be here. There is an abundance of sites (and articles written on Buzzfeed) dedicated to everything that happened... or didn't happen rather.

If you don't understand why it's a big deal, then I really don't know what to say to you. I'm not saying you have to pick sides like the scum who have politicized this. This is bigger than that. I don't normally agree with people who took to the streets, rioted, vandalized, and set the American flag on fire... but I also understand that some people felt that was the only thing they could do at that point because they felt the justice system failed them. I've never felt that the only avenue for me to take was one of violence.

A human being was killed and there will be no trial over it.

Hey White People, remember when that happened in season 2 of Friday Night Lights? Everyone got super pissed and stopped watching. The creators of the show public apologized for it.

You know why everyone got pissed?

Because when there's a murder of a person, there should be a real solution and a sense of justice to the ending.

Especially when there is as much mystery and double talk as to what happened.

Why was Michael Brown approached? What did he do then? Who attacked whom?

Why did a cop shoot an unarmed man? These are questions that will likely never have an answer.

If only there was a method in which there questions would have been answered. Where groups gather, lay out evidence, put pieces together, talk to those involved, some sort of a trail...

A trial should have been held to get to the bottom of this.

But instead we are left with frustration, fear, and sadness.

Please don't sit behind a screen and rail that America is the worst or some such nonsense. That's not helping. You don't look intellectually superior for bashing your home country. I'll never understand why people think "ugh, America sucks" is all they need to do to appear sympathetic or understanding. This situation is bigger than that.

America does not suck.

Certain systems within it, on the other hand, are gravely broken. And on top of that, no one in power wants to do anything about it. It's a shame. A damn shame.

Who knows? Maybe there's a trial and Darren Wilson is found innocent. At least a form of justice was handed out. It's not likely... but perhaps.

The grand jury claiming that there would be no indictment of a man who murdered an unarmed teen for whatever reason is terrifying.

This goes beyond race, gender, political affiliation, level of education, or any other type of title you could give people. This isn't a "if you're black you should care" or "if you have a child you should care" issue. If you are a human and you know and love other humans, you should care.

Clearly, I know very little about the legal system (I can barely spell legal system). And maybe I'm completely off point. But there's something wrong here. Something terribly wrong here.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone. Let's hope for a better future.

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