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Cancel Your Plans, You've Got Bojack Horseman To Watch

Netflix's best show debuted last week within FIVE DAYS was renewed for a second season. Why? Cause it's the best! Not convinced? Here's a list why...

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1. Familiar Premise with Bold New Design


The show itself is pretty familiar - Bojack Horseman is an out of work actor who made it big in the 90's with a family sitcom. He is now older, out of shape, dependent on drugs, and a terrible person.

O and he's a horse.

And his nemesis is a dog.

Aaaand his agent is a cat. Whom he has sex with.

But, his roommate's a human.

His ghost writer, human.

But the publisher of his book is a penguin.

It's never explained why certain "people" are animals, birds, fish, etc. hybrids and why some people are human. Most of the time they act like humans. Sometimes their animal nature comes out (like the dog not trusting mailmen).

Either way, it's different and bizarre and ultimately amazing.

2. The Opening Title Is Awesome

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Sometimes great shows have awesome opening titles (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Wire, etc.)

Sometimes great shows have terrible opening titles (Firefly, Community, etc.)

Bojack Horseman falls into first category.

Just watch. Seriously.

3. It is laugh out loud funny


When was the last time you saw a show that honestly made you laugh out loud (or "LOL" as the kids are saying)?

Sure there are funny shows. Sure there are entertaining shows. But it is very rare to get a mix so perfect.

4. Laughs on Repeat Viewing


I don't know about you, but I put value in media that I can watch and rewatch.

This is why I like "The Warriors" more than "Schindler's List" - one I can watch over and over, the other I need to cancel everything for the day cause I'll be too depressed to move (though when Fox dies.... man... also - spoilers on a 30 year old movie you all should have seen ten times by now).

But this show is incredibly rewatchable. Personally, I watched the first three episodes and then rewatched them with my girlfriend. Not only did I shed tears laughing, but I found new jokes in the background that I missed on first viewing.

There are a ton of those.

Things from signs on the background to characters not being the center of attention are all fodder for laughs.

As opposed to some shows where the jokes get stale and oft repeated (we get it, she said something), there are jokes being dropped constantly without us knowing.

5. Excellent Story Telling


You know how in some shows, one episode does not effect the other? Zach could literally burn Bayside Highschool to the ground but in the next episode everything is a-ok.

There are events and people that get mentioned in episode one that are not revealed until episode seven. Things that are ruined in a fire in episode two remain charred until the very end. There is not a washing of the hands by the writers at the end of every episode.

Things matter and have consequences.

This might not matter to you, but you have to give credit in this method of telling an honest cartoon story.

6. Outstanding Cast

Between Bojack Horseman and The LEGO Movie, Will Arnett is firmly cementing himself as a premiere voice actor.

Amy Sedaris might not be a household name, but everyone knows her work. And if you don't, get ready - she's outstanding in the show.

Aaron Paul plays... well... a character very similar to one we've seen before (Hint: it's not that one episode of Veronica Mars). But if it ain't BROKE, don't fix it. Get it, "broke". Like "broke...n bad". Cause he was on it as a scrawny deadbeat drug user and in this show he plays a scrawny deadbea... you get it.

Allison Brie (also fantastic in the LEGO movie) continues her outstanding work and is perfect as the dead pan and realistic one.

And then Paul F. Thompkins. Look, I'll probably end up writing a piece on just how lucky we are to be living in a time when Paul F. Thompkins is working. I personally think he is the smartest and funniest comedian working. When it comes to shows, he's essentially cheese. He's awesome on his own, but when working with a cast, he only makes things better.

7. Outstanding Cameos


You might be thinking, sure those people are all incredibly talented, but what about the rest of the cast? To you I say "really? That's a question you're asking me now? But if you must be so cantankerous, here is a partial list of guest actors... weirdo":

Stephen Colbert, Patton Oswalt, Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler, Kristen Schaal, Stanley Tucci, Kulap Vilaysak, Kristin Chenoweth, Wendie Malik, and John Krasinski.

Those are just what I can remember off the top of my head cause:

A. IMDb does not have a full cast list up

B. What am I supposed to do? Research? For you? Get out of here. I don't even spellcheck or go back to make sure grammar is properly used. You think I'm researching? Get outta here.

8. It's Not... Grossly Offensive


O it is offensive. And sometimes gross.

Lots of cursing, drugs, racism, terrible choices, etc.

But it's not... offensive for the sake of being funny.

If you watch a current episode of Family Guy, you'll be assaulted with a lot of jokes that aren't funny, but are offensive, and the terrible part of our brain makes us laugh nervously. And that's the joke's intent. It's not inherently funny, but we laugh to almost prove to ourselves that we have a sense of humor.

Not here. Here is just hilarious.

Offensive, but in the right way.

Does that make sense?

Not really.

Watch the show, you'll get what I'm saying... hopefully.

9. It's the Best Show on Netflix


(this picture above is actually part of the show, this show is meta!)

It's not a remake (sorry, House of Cards)

You've heard of it (take a hike, Lillyhammer)

It's American made (adios, Derek)

It something you can sit through (you're gross, Hemlock Grove)

It's not made for kids (apparently you're a thing, Turbo Fast)

The main character isn't the worst character and there's no Jason Biggs (you can't escape this one, Orange is the New Black)

Add it all up, and Bojack Horseman stands alone.

So do yourself a favor and start watching!

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