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20 Signs You're In Your Late 20's And Love Wine

Cause you are NOT YET 30 and LOVE getting drunk on grapes

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4. Someone asks you what you put in your cereal and you say "wine, please"


LOL! You love wine!

But also, who asks "what do you put in your cereal?" I feel like there's a pretty standard answer. I mean except in your case.

You love wine! Classic you!

5. You went to High School in the early 2000s


Someone has a 10 year reunion coming up... or it just happened.

This is the internet and I don't know when you're reading this.

Again, I'm just doing math.

Either way - GO (you're school's team name here) !!

6. You will *literally* die of dehydration because you will only drink wine and after surviving a crash landing on a deserted island with a fresh water spring because it's not a fresh Pinot spring

7. Lists of things that happened in the 90's remind you of your childhood!!


Yep, you hit that sweet spot where the 1990s happened during your younger years (aka: childhood).

Look at that picture. That sure fills you with nostalgia for a time since past.

9. You'll be hitting your sixties around 2050


What?! That's so crazy! Hope AARP meetings have room for flying wheelchairs.

Actually, we should still be walking in our 60's. I hope you're ok if you're in that wheelchair.

Sixty isn't really even that old. Maybe we'll have jet packs? Yeah!

Hope AARP meetings have room for motherf*ckin jet packs!!

11. You were not born in 1865


No WAY! If you were, you are way too old to have considered this article would relate to you!

Unless it was the "love wine" aspect that brought you to this list... then you qualify.

And if so, I think we have undeniable proof that your love of wine is keeping you alive.

So cheers! *clink*

14. You have friends that are married, you also have some that aren't!


O you. You with the friends! You with the friends who may or may not be getting married.

Maybe even as you read this!

Did they not invite you? Bad friends.

Did they invite you and you're reading this during the wedding? Good you.

Or maybe your friends aren't getting married right now. That could be the case as well. Don't rule that out.

Also, no need to brag about how many friends you have.

15. Some of your friends have kids!


Whaaat?! We were just kids. NOW you know friends who have kids of their own. But you're only in your late 20's! That's INSANE.

Also, some of your friends don't have kids. And that's OK too. You are, in fact, only in your late 20's.

16. You live in a vineyard


Not in the house.

Or in a building for that matter.

You sleep among the vines.

You name them and tell them how you can't wait to drink their sweet blood.

You've been asked to leave several vineyards.

17. You were not born in the year 2014


Ugh, kids these days! With their cell phones and their tumblrs and being 1 and not being in their late twenties and their hopefully not loving wine.

Get out of here baby, you're drunk.... on wine?!!? It's woefully irresponsible if you're a baby, but you can read half this blog. Also you're reading... are you sure you're a baby?

Look, I'm still sticking with "get out of here". I don't want to go on record as "pro-babies drinking wine". And if you can read, you're too smart anyways. You should be doing better things with your time.

I'm just saying there are a lot of holes in this plot.

*Again, this is the internet and I assume this and I will be around forever. So if this is being read in the 2041, then this list will apply to you.

18. You have a strong connection to being called a "millennial" but have no connection to being called a "baby boomer" and you have contempt that another generation claimed "the greatest". World Wars are old news...


Get out of here old timers! We're millennials. We do what we want. We look at lists that are irrelevant to our lives! We crave attention and constant praise and have madeup allergies! The future!

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