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10 Best TV Character Evolutions

They go from "I hate them" to "I love to hate them" to "I love them!" or sometimes in the reverse. Either way, a mark of a good show is the evolution of their characters from good to bad or bad to good.

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10. Tommy "The Green Ranger" Oliver (Power Rangers)


This one tugs at my heartstrings as the once bad Power Ranger ends up not only becoming good, but ends up becoming arguably the coolest and most popular good guy.

9. Rassilon (Doctor Who)


Leader of the Time Lords who invents the ability to travel time (so, thanks for the show) decides to end all of existence and time in order to win a war. Ends to not justify the means on this one.

5. Harley Quinn (Batman: the animated series)


She's your classic promising psychiatrist who wants to make it big by writing about the Joker but then falls in love with said Joker and becomes a massive homicidal maniac. A story as old as time.

4. Spike (Buff the Vampire Slayer)

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Spike goes from trying to kill Buffy (and successfully kills a lot of people) to trying to loving Buffy and trying to win over her love. Oh and he saves the world a few times too.

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