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Various Medical Laboratory Scientist Jobs

All the medical laboratory scientist jobs are going to involve using specialized lab equipment in order to treat and detect diseases.

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The laboratory scientist is commonly referred to by using terms like lab technologist or lab technician. Various medical laboratory careers exist at the moment and are officially recognized in healthcare. Common jobs of this type include microbiology techs, blood bank techs, and chemistry technologists. Other job titles can include immunology technologist, molecular biologist technologist, and cytotechnologist. Rarely the job will include administrative tasks like lab billing but in this case, we are normally talking about a medical laboratory scientist that is involved in management.

Clinical Chemistry Technologist

The specialist has to prepare samples that are to be used in analysis and also determine biological materials’ chemical composition. The samples that are utilized can come from pleural fluid, urine or blood. Technologists are testing the samples in order to determine the presence of proteins or enzymes that are abnormal, thus identifying the presence of more serious health conditions like liver or kidney problems.

Microbiology Technologist

Such a technologist is going to use specialized lab equipment in order to determine the viruses or bacteria present inside patient cells. Microbiology technologists will prepare fluid cultures and tissues. Then, they are examined to detect the presence of abnormal microorganisms. These medical laboratory scientists will often closely work with the doctors in order to discover why an illness appeared.

Blood Bank Technologist

This specialist is responsible for the categorization and collection of blood that is going to be used during transfusions. He/she will work in a research laboratory or a blood collection center, being responsible for supervising the testing procedures or performing them. A technologist with such a specialty will determine blood type from a sample and be sure there are no abnormalities or toxins that are present in the blood.


This is an expert in analyzing cells. Microscopes are utilized together with various lab devices in order to detect problems with cells. By identifying the dangerous cells early it is much easier to fight the evolution of serious diseases like cancer.

Molecular Biology Technologist

The professional will utilize lab equipment in order to test nucleic acids and proteins. This does include testing RNA and DNA. Molecular biologist scientists are responsible for diagnosing and detecting the disorders that are happening with genes. Testing performed is very important in detecting the various possible genetic health problems like Down syndrome or sickle-cell disease.

Immunology Technologist

This specialist discovers on finding problems that are affecting the immune system. He is going to perform various tests in order to discover the way in which a foreign body is interacting with body cells. The importance of the test is high because of being able to treat immune disorders like autoimmune hepatitis and AIDS.

Medical laboratory scientists will normally require a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree, no matter what specialty appears in the actual laboratory job. Training is normally obtained through university or community college. Medical laboratories and hospitals offer hands-on training in many cases for the people pursuing such careers.

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