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Do This Before An Open House To Get More Money For Your Home

There are different reasons why people hold open houses but the main goal is to sell the property at a price that is as high as possible.

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There are different reasons why people hold open houses but the main goal is to sell the property at a price that is as high as possible. There are various things that can be done during such an event to increase curb appeal and make the home more attractive but many homeowners and even real estate agents simply decide to leave the house as it is. This is normally a huge mistake. If you want to get more money for your home through the open house, here are some tips from specialists at The Luxury Team.

Best Times To Stage Open Houses

In most communities, you will want to have the open house during Sunday afternoons, for at least 2 hours, up to 4, between 1 PM and 5 PM. You want to schedule these open houses in a way to avoid holidays, special events or community celebrations. Weather forecasts have to be considered to avoid rainy or cold days.

Before The Open House

Homeowners normally want to get things over as fast as possible. However, this does not mean you should not prepare. Before the first open house is held it is a really good idea to consider some of the following, around one week before the date:

* Talk to brokers to get some feedback about how the home shows and see if pricing meets local buyer expectations.

* A part of the furniture needs to be moved into a storage area. Generally speaking, you should remove one furniture piece from every room so that you can increase the perceived space.

* Remove absolutely all the items that are not going to be included when you sell. For instance, if the dishwasher will not be included, it should not be present in the home as the interested buyers are there.

* If you have pets, they should not be present since they are a distraction and it is generally more difficult to make a sale when the pets are present.

* Be sure you have some brochures or flyers that are printed and that promote the home.

A Couple Of Days Before The Open House

Scour and clean the entire house. You want to wipe the windowsills, wash windows, vacuum all the cobwebs and basically, make sure everything is clean. Focus on the smaller details so that the home appears sterile. Always look at the entire home and be sure that you do not miss anything since interested buyers will want to look at everything.

A Day Before The Open House

If you prepare everything properly this is when you want to make the small final touches. Air out the home by opening all windows and prepare some treats for the guests. Scrutinize every room and arrange some fresh flowers in vases that are attractive, being placed in some locations that will be viewed by the guest.

As soon as you are done, just go out to dinner and relax. You basically want to leave the home ready and get ready for the viewing by being calm.

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